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The Unicorn Nursery follows and adheres to the Early Year’s Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework which enables us to provide flexible, innovative and stimulating activities which ensures that at each stage of their development your child’s unique needs are met.

Our toddler rooms are equipped with resources and apparatus which is age specific to challenge, stimulate and enhance each child’s development.
Zoned areas have been created in all our rooms for specific activities for example creative play, home corner and ICT.

Throughout the day children are free to choose activities, resources and apparatus ensuring  that they are developing their own interests. Children have free access to our naturally themed/resourced outdoor environments, whatever the weather, choosing to take their learning experiences outside, safely with the guidance of our committed practitioners and a set of waterproofs! This type of continuous provision for children is the ideal environment for nurturing and supporting a child’s individual needs and interests and praised by OFSTED and Early Years Advisors.

All our rooms are designed to be bright, spacious, purposeful and accessible taking into the account the development age of the children. Resources, apparatus and zoned areas are freely accessible for children to choose from and/or move freely to. In our toddler/pre-school rooms we have zoned language & literacy, numeracy, creative, sand/water/science, role play, ICT, mark making and library areas.

The learning environment is focused on the needs of each child and the preparation of each pre-schooler for transition to primary school. In order to do this each child follows an individual learning programme which encompasses both child initiated learning and focused activities which will include, explore and engage with the curriculum areas below as specified in the mandatory EYFS framework,

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Understanding of The World
  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Children learn best through play and by being exposed to and taking part in new experiences. At the Unicorn Nursery we provide opportunities for children to take part in dance, drama, music, cooking, French, media exploration, festivals and celebrations from around the world to enrich and develop the children holistically.

We regularly go on visits to the park, the library, walks into town/shops, visit to the post office or a simple bus ride to provide children with a variety of environments and experiences.

Self care activities such as dressing, putting on shoes/wellies, toileting, hand washing, tooth brushing, independent feeding and drinking is actively encouraged and supported by our practitioners. Children are also encouraged to take responsibility for the shared space  indoor and outdoor. With tidy-up time activities, helping to set tables for dinner, recycling of waste arts/crafts etc. children take ownership of the space and the environment in which they play.

On joining one of our nurseries, each child is assigned a Key Person who is that specific child’s named member of staff and they will take on the main responsibility for their care. The Key Person approach enables each child to have someone with whom they can develop a special bond and with whom their development can be carefully nurtured and encouraged in partnership with parents.

Parents/carers receive a written summary of how their child spent the day, activities carried out, meals eaten and sleep times where applicable.

Parents can feel confident and supported in sharing information, developments, milestones and photographs with their child’s Key Person. Our Key Person – Parental Relationships are of immense importance to enable us to provide the best quality of care, with the best knowledge  and understanding of each child which can only come from you the parent.

The Unicorn Nursery operates an open door policy and we welcome feedback at all times. We have parents evening twice a year in each nursery but are available at any time to discuss your child’s development at any stage


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