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The Unicorn Nursery follows and adheres to the Early Year’s Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework which enables us to provide flexible, innovative and stimulating activities which ensures that at each stage of their development your child’s unique needs are met.

Babies and children under the age of 2 years grow, develop and change very quickly, it is important that their individual needs and interests are met. At the Unicorn Nursery we work very closely with parents and carers to ensure we have continuity with home routines to enable your child to feel safe and secure in their new surroundings.

We encourage multiple settling in visits where parents can stay with their child. We create with the help of parents, photo books of important family members and pets so there are familiar and important images in the nursery for each child.
All helping to enable a smooth transition for each child, parent or carer into our nursery.

Our baby and toddler rooms are designed to be bright, spacious, purposeful, accessible, with a child’s view of the world around them at the forefront of our design and layout. Our low level accessible furniture, display boards and mirrors help children with their sense of place and perspective in our baby/toddler rooms. Storage, resources and apparatus provided in our rooms are age specific, to challenge, stimulate and enhance each child’s development. Importantly our resources and apparatus is accessible for all children including our crawlers for them to exercise their free choice when it comes to play and mobility.

Zoned areas have been created in all our rooms including our babies/toddlers rooms. For these young children we have sleep rooms, role play/home corners, sand/water play, creative and messy play, quiet cuddle corners, physical development areas/climbing frames to name but a few.

In our nurseries babies and toddlers also have access to separate outdoor environments that include areas such as our beaches, water play, toddle/mobility equipment, prams, push bikes, play houses and creative/craft areas to name but a few. Our dedicated staff ensure that outdoor play is accessed daily in a safe manner, weather conditions permitting.

We ensure that the learning environment is focused on the needs of each individual child following the EYFS framework. Every child receives lots of encouragement, support and praise from our dedicated practitioners who always have time for play and a cuddle with your child. As your child grows we will actively encourage and support self care activities, dressing up play, toileting, hand washing, tooth brushing, independent feeding and drinking.

Parents/carers receive a written summary of how their child spent the day, activities carried out, meals eaten, nappy changes and sleep times where applicable. In the Unicorn Nurseries we often record snapshots of the daily activities and the children at play. This is not only a great way to record achievements in an unobtrusive way for children's learning journals, but an opportunity to encourage and promote communication development with the children and their parents/carers as the footage is often played at collection time.

On joining one of our nurseries, each child is assigned a Key Person who is that specific child’s named member of staff and they will take

On the main responsibility for their care. The Key Person approach enables each child to have someone with whom they can develop a special bond and with whom their development can be carefully nurtured and encouraged in partnership with parents.

The Key Person is also responsible for the planning and completion of each child’s learning journey which is recorded in a learning journals and a media file. These will travel throughout the nursery rooms with your child until leaving the nursery and/or transitioning to school when they can be passed on to parents. Within the learning journal we store observations, assessments, activities, artwork, video clips and voice recordings which are collected on each child marking those important milestones in their learning and development. Parents can feel confident and supported in sharing information, developments, milestones and photographs with their child’s Key Person.

Our Key Person – Parental Relationships are of immense importance to enable us to provide the best quality of care, with the best knowledge  and understanding of each child which can only come from you the parent.

The Unicorn Nursery operates an open door policy and we welcome feedback at all times. We have parents evening twice a year in each nursery but are available at any time to discuss your child’s development at any stage

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